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This unit standard is for learners who have to apply advanced defensive driving skills in the execution of their daily tasks.

Learners credited with this unit standard will be able to:

Apply knowledge related to vehicle dynamics to reduce driving risk.

Demonstrate techniques used to avoid accidents and maintain control.

Apply techniques to improve driving skills and maintain safety at all times. 


The competent learner will be credited on the National Learner Record Database with:

NQF level 5 Credits 6


Communication skills at NQF Level 4.

Knowledge about traffic regulations.

Meet the requirements to obtain a valid driving licence for a motor vehicle.


1 Day + 1 day follow up




Facilitation day

Access and use of approved training facility

Facilitation by a trained accredited instructor

Approved learning material

Refreshments and lunch

Assessment day

Access and use of approved training facility

Assessment by a trained registered assessor

Approved assessment material

Refreshments and lunch

Proof of competence

The successful learner will receive:

Accredited Certificate of Competence


This does not include the use of a off-road vehicle and fuel.

Vehicle's are available at additional cost and prior arrangement.

Overnight accommodation can be arranged at additional cost.