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I first realized environmental impact after visiting Hong Kong. The fact that we are not as overpopulated in South Africa as most European or Asian countries made me blind to the consequences of human impact on our precious environment. I always ask myself the question “what would the impact on the environment be if everyone else does the same as me?”

By combining Defensive Driver Training & 4x4 Training we achieve a tailor make Industrial Mining Training Program to suite the needs of the mining industry in the DRC Democratic Republic of the Congo

Providing a tailor made Training package for the SASOL Pipeline contractors in Central Mozambique building the new gas pipeline.

Specialised Training for Firemen that has to access any terrain, sometimes with vehicles not suited for the job as duty calls. product

A combination of Defensive Driving, 4x4 Driving and Advanced Driving skills had to be combined into a successfull 4x4 Firebrigade Driver Training