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This learning program has been developed for the 4x4 enthusiast who wish to expand his passion full or part time in qualifying as a Professional On & Off-Road Instructor.

The successful candidate will be qualified againstthis Unit standard. 
Facilitation of learning (Train the trainer) US117871 NQF Level 5 Credits 10
to present accredited training against the following unit standards and programs.
Apply the techniques for operating a 4x4 On & Off-Road US254135 NQF Level 3 Credits 4
Apply the advanced techniques for operating a 4x4 On & Off-Road US254154 NQF Level 3 Credits 8
Advanced driving: Defensive driving US377201 NQF Level 5 Credits 6
Advanced off-road recovery procedures (Learning Program)
E-Marketing techniques (Learning Program)
Qualified Advanced On & Off-Road Instructor:
Will be able to peruse training opportunities in the industrial as well as recreational  training sectors.
Will be able to extend its scope to heavier vehicles.
Minimum requirements: Code A,B or EB drivers licence. NQF Level 4 communication skills.
At least 5 years practical 4x4 experience.
Duration: 9 Days 
Access and used of an approved training facility.
Facilitation by a qualified facilitator.
Approved learning material.
Assessment by a qualified assessor.
Approved assessment material.
Accredited certificate of competence (conditions apply)
Approved assessment material
Exclusive training area(conditions apply)
Accreditation structure
Facilitation material(Power-point presentations, Lesson plans, Facilitation guide)(Everything to start training on the next day)
Traveling to and from venue.
Training vehicle.
Overnight accommodation & meals.
Training is presented in Klerksdorp 
Camping is available on site.
Price: R21500.00
US254135 R1550.00 Facilitation material, PP Presentation R5000.00
US254154 R2500.00
US377201 R2500.00 Facilitation material, PP Presentation R5000.00
US117871 R4500.00
Monday    US254135     Training    Policies & Procedures
Tuesday        US254135/US254154    Training    Entruprenership
Wednesday        US254135/US254154    Assessment  Relationship Marketing
Thursday       US377201     Training    Web based Marketing
Friday US117871     Training     Facebook Marketing
Saturday  US117871     Training     
Sunday    US117871     Assessment   

Terms: 50% deposit confirming booking.
Balance due before on on commencement of training.
Bookings to be made on the African Off-Road website. 
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