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Advanced 4x4 Operator Certificate 

US254154 Apply the ADVANCED techniques for operating four wheel drive (4WD) vehicles, in on-road and off-road conditions. NQF Level 3 Credits 8

The learning program is developed for the 4x4 & Off-Road vehicle operator who wishes to further his 4x4 skills & knowledge to qualify as an Advanced 4x4 Operator
The aim of the Advanced 4x4 Training program is:
People Safety:
No drinking & driving, Seatbelts at all times except water crossings, One seatbelt one passenger rule applies, No passengers on roof racks, out of windows etc, Be safety conscious.
Vehicle sensitive:
Well maintained, Adherence to speed limits, As slow as possible as fast as necessary, Rather do it over than over do it, Save Convoy procedures
Environmental good practices:
No littering, No noise pollution, Own firewood, preferably from invasive species, Do not break new ground, Take pictures leave nothing behind.
The program will be presented on an approved 4x4 Trail that offers all the features to be able to facilitate and assess the different outcomes of US254154
The training course will take place over 3 1/4 days, starting on a Friday at 18H00. Timing is essential. We have a full program, we need to complete module 1 on Friday evening. We will be done on Sunday 14H00. Theory assessment will take place at an assessment venue at a later prescribed date.
Accredited Competence Certificate against US254135
The program is broken up into modules. The delegates will be split into groups. Groups will rotate between subject matter experts(Instructors) who will be responsible to provide you with the essential skills & knowledge of the particular modules. This is a practical program so expect trial & error and a lot of fun.
Vehicle Preparation, Environmentally friendly camping etiquette, Off-Road Cooking, Practical On & Off-Road driving, Advanced Off-Road Recoveries exercises, Off-Road Medics, Tyres Repairs, Teamwork, Vehicle Safety, Personal Safety, Passenger Safety & Environmental Friendly practices, Off-Road Navigation, Off- Road Mechanics and a whole lot of fun!!!
Bring what you've got, do not go and buy anything, you will see equipment in action and be able to make the right choices later. (DO NOT BUY ANYTHING) 
Pack for a 3 day camping trip.
Tent, Bedding, Table, Chairs, Camping fridge.
Toiletries & medical
Personal toiletries, Sun block, Mosquito repellant, First Aid kit.
Braai utensils, Cutlery / crockery.
Grids will be supplied.
Personal bush ware, Warm jacket, Wide brimmed hat, Sunglasses, Raincoat / Umbrella, Swimming gear.
Vehicle & equipment
Leather Gloves , Recovery gear (bring what you've got), Tools that you think would be necessary, Jack / bottle / scissor / hi lift , Tyre repair kits / spare valves / valve caps / tyre levers, Compressor, Wheel spanner/brace, straps and ropes.
R 2900.00
Family members are welcome
R500 per person (Adults)
R300 per child under 12
Advanced Off-Road Driver Training against US254154,
Trail fees, Camping fees,2 Meals per day.(Coffee & Rusks, Brunch & Supper)
Meals will be prepared by delegates, ingredients will be supplied.
Accredited Certification
Camping equipment