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As leading Accredited Training Provider, African Off-Road learned through experience that it is impossible for the current SAQA Unit Standards to address the industrial requirements of industrial and fleet drivers of South Africa and even more SADEC.
The reasons being, the unit standards derive from different Seta's. The Unit Standards were developed for general applications and aimed at a wide spectrum.
The result, duplication of outcomes, failure to address specific industrial requirements, time consuming training programs and ineffective training with poor results.
With vehicle applications changing from light passenger vehicle's on site to heavy exploration vehicles carrying heavy equipment to inaccessible locations, we were forced to develop a training program that can accommodate specific industrial requirements and still comply with accreditation.
Our program is unique as we are accredited with TETA on the 2 4x4 Unit Standards and in MOU. with ADDA a Saseta provider accredited on the Defensive Unit Standard with Sasseta.

Our program is in chronological order categorized into Driver related competencies, Vehicle related competencies and terrain and industry specific competencies.
The process is performed in 3 main procedures: Evaluation, Training and Assessment.
The evaluation process allows for the grouping of learners with the same requirements to be trained together. This process is time saving and cost effective.
The program also allows training to be presented on the outcomes required. For example: a driver of a minibus carrying passengers is not going to be trained on off-road towing and visa versa.
Drivers can be periodically evaluated and retrained only on the competencies not yet achieved and not the full program, saving time and money.
This program has a specific goal for every individual driver, competencies are measurable and can be achieved 100% making your fleet bulletproof and safe!
SETA US ID Description NQF Level Credits Duration Cost
SASSETA 377201 Apply advanced driving skills: Defensive driving 5 6 3 Days R 1800.00
TETA 254135 Apply the techniques for operating a 4WD vehicle in on & Off-Road conditions 3 4 2 Days R1550.00
TETA 254154 Apply the advanced techniques for operating a 4WD vehicle in on & Off-Road conditions 3 8 3 Days R2550.00
    Fleet & Industrial Driver training Program US377201, 254135, 254154 5,3 12, 8 2 Days R3500.00
Additional Programs   Advanced Off-Road Recovery     1 Day R1500.00
    Advanced towing procedures On & Off-Road     1 Day R1500.00

We are a national training provider that can dedicate a specific team of instructors to your company to ensure the same level of education throughout your fleet.

Mosselbay Firebrigade Training

Specialised Training for Firemen that has to access any terrain, sometimes with vehicles not suited for the job as duty calls. product

A combination of Defensive Driving, 4x4 Driving and Advanced Driving skills had to be combined into a successfull 4x4 Firebrigade Driver Training

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