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We offer exclusive ladies off-road & 4x4 training at selected venues and dates for the lady who wish to be trained and assessed by an instructor of the same gender.

This learning programme has been developed for the ladies 4x4 & off-road vehicle operator who wishes to obtain a formal accredited certificate of competance for off-road driver skills on a national accepted standard.

Unit Standard

US 254135  Apply the techniques for operating four wheel drive (4WD) vehicles, in on-road and off-road conditions.


The competent learner will be credited on the National Learner Record Database with:

NQF level 3 Credits 4


It is  assumed that the learner assessed on this unit standard will be in possession of a code A,B or EB drivers licence.

Communication on NQF Level 2


1 Day + 1 day follow up




Facilitation day

Access and use of approved training facility

Facilitation by a trained accredited instructor

Approved learning material

Refreshments and lunch

Assessment day

Access and use of approved training facility

Assessment by a trained accredited assessor

Approved assessment material

Refreshments and lunch

Proof of competence

The successful learner will receive:

Accredited Certificate of Competence

LOVO Cloth logo 

LOVO Vehicle logo sticker

Off-Road log book


This does not include the use of a off-road vehicle and fuel.

Vehicle's are available at additional cost and prior arrangement.

Overnight accommodation and camping can be arranged at an additional cost.