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This certified training program has been developed for the Recreational/ Industrial and Professional Off-Road vehicle operator whom whishes to further their learning experience in off- road mechanics and ensure safe, effective and environmentally friendly vehicle operation.

This learning module forms part of the Advanced Off-Road Driver Certificate.

This learning module is accepted as RPL for the Professional 4x4 Trails & Overland Tourist Guide qualification.


It is  assumed that the learner assessed on this unit standard will be in possession of a code A,B or EB drivers licence.

Communication on NQF Level 2

US 254135  Apply the techniques for operating four wheel drive (4WD) vehicles, in on-road and off-road conditions.


1 Weekend.


R 2500.00 

Facilitation day

Access and use of approved training facility

Facilitation by a trained accredited instructor

Approved learning material

Refreshments Brunch & Supper.

Off-Road log book

Overnight campsite per vehicle


This does not include the use of a off- road vehicle and fuel.

Vehicle's are available at additional cost and prior arrangement.

Overnight accommodation and camping can be arranged at an additional cost.